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Agricultural Constructs:

Improved Rural Infrastructure - Introducing new roads, irrigation, and reasonably up-to-date farming equipment to an agricultural backwater is a relatively cheap and easy way to boost regional food production in this modern age.
- Doubles output of one food node
Cost: 75 IP

Green Revolution Infrastructure - Sometimes, impending famine or lofty ambitions of agricultural surplus can prompt a nation to undertake a broad, comprehensive program of agricultural improvement. Rural electrification, chemical fertilizers, specially-bred seed varieties, new agricultural universities, the latest technology in mechanized farming, and even land reform are all elements of such a program. Though incredibly expensive, such a "Green Revolution" can transform a struggling agricultural sector into an international exporter.
- Doubles a region's food output
- Requires its own Construct slot, apart from a food node
- Only one allowed in each region
- All food nodes in region must have Improved Rural Infrastructure
Cost: 250 IP

Industrial Constructs:

Manufacturing Base - Investment in productive infrastructure and machinery is a must for any government looking to expand its nation's industrial power. Whether through subsidies to private business or contracts to government workers, state action must catalyze industrial growth, which will not spur itself.
- Generates 10 IP/turn
Cost: 50 IP

Bustling Manufacturing Base - With enough prudence, patience, and funding, a wise government that sees fit can turn an otherwise unremarkable city into an industrial metropolis. With whole districts and multiple surrounding towns devoted to the work of the assembly line, such a city is an invaluable asset to an expanding power.
- Generates 50 IP/turn
- Replaces one existing Manufacturing Base
- Only one allowed in each region
Cost: 200 IP, 1 Oil/turn, 1 Steel/turn

Manufacturing Heartland - Where there is a will, there is a way, the saying goes, and the way to becoming an industrial superpower requires much will indeed. Resources must be poured into concentrating enough productive powers into a single, sprawling center of smokestacks and steel for it to dominate the nation. With a national center of industrial power comes unparalleled efficiency and scale in production, if the state can pay the gargantuan costs necessary to create it.
- Generates 150 IP/turn
- Replaces one existing Bustling Manufacturing Base
- Only one allowed in a nation
Cost: 500 IP, 2 Oil/turn, 2 Steel/turn

Infrastructure Constructs:

Rail System - The region is covered by a railway system which connects disparate towns and the capital city. This rail system also connects to neighboring regions with rail systems.
- Units move faster along railroads
- extends trade benefits along connected lines
- Can be sabotaged or hijacked by enemies.
Cost: 250 IP

Telegraph Network - A chain of telegraph poles connects the towns and cities of the region, allowing for fast communication. This network also connects to neighboring regions with telegraph networks.
- Advanced warning of events occurring within network
- Allows coordination of separate armies
- Can be cut by enemy forces or saboteurs to block communications
Cost: 400 IP

Electric Grid - This nation has managed to create an interconnected electrical grid, allowing factories to function 24/7 and with the flick of a light switch increasing the standard of living amongst the populace.
- region gains +1 Public Approval
Cost: 200 IP

Oil Constructs:

Oil Well:

- Base production of 10 barrels of oil
Cost: 100 IP

Oil Field:

- Boosts oil production to 15 barrels of oil
- Replaces one existing Oil Well
Cost: 250 IP

Oil Refinery - An industrial scale oil refinery can process oil much more efficiently than small-scale projects, allowing for more oil production.

- Increases a region's oil output by 1/3
- Requires its own Construct slot, apart from a food node
- Only one allowed in each region
- All oil nodes in region must have Oil Fields
Cost: 600 IP

Steel Constructs:

Smelter Factory - A larger scale smelting facility can pump out thousands of tons of steel every day, processing raw ore into the hardened material used in tanks and ships.

- Base production of 5 units of steel
Cost: 100 IP

Industrial Smelter:

- Boosts production to 10 units of steel
- Replaces one Smelter Factory
Cost: 250 IP

Smelter Complex:

- Boosts production to 15 units of steel
- Replaces one Industrial Smelter
Cost: 400 IP

Civic Constructs:

Modern Hospital - A large, modern hospital, with trained staff and sterilized equipment, is an expensive building, but its presence improves the health of all in the region, and can save men's life on the battlefield.
- Improves Regional Public Approval by 1
- Broken units in region are recovered to full strength one turn sooner.
Cost: 250 IP

Opera House - An Opera House is a sign of civilization and modernity in an Empire; No country can call itself cultured without at least one in its capital. They can awe visitors with their extravagant construction and appease locals with fine shows.
- Decreases all foreign Influence by 1 (first Opera House only)
- Improves regional Public Approval by 1
- Decreases regional Security by 1
Cost: 250 IP

Security Constructs:

Border Customs - Maintaining customs offices at major borders and ports allows goods and personnel to be inspected and accounted for when they enter a country.
- Increases regional security by 1
Cost: 100 IP

Security Headquarters - a security headquarters coordinates the activities of local police and border officials, allowing incidents to be analyzed and connections drawn.
- Increases regional security by 2
- requires Border Customs to construct
Cost: 200 IP

Counter Insurgency Operation Center:

Military Constructs:

Military Barracks- This strategic reserve of men provides an extra boost of manpower and logistics to a city when it is under siege.

Military Base:

Regional Military HQ:

Defense Constructs:

Flak Towers - These ugly gargantuan structures are built within a city to protect it against air raids. They are filled with massive anti-aircraft guns that fills the sky with high explosive shrapnel that tears aircraft to shreds.
- Region capital has anti-air defenses
Cost: 150 IP

Flak Tower Network - Flak towers are built at border posts and key towns to make air-raids incredibly hazardous.
- Entire region has anti-air defenses.
- Requires Flak Towers in region to construct
Cost: 400 IP

Listening Post - Massive, concrete dishes that catch distant sounds provide the best early warning system before radar. Listening posts can catch the sound of aircraft miles out, allowing defenders to prepare themselves.
- Advanced warning of air-raids in the region.
400 IP

City Fort - The capital city has a military fortress at its heart or commanding its approach. Its thick concrete walls and munition stores provide defenders with an advantageous position against attackers.
- Enhanced defense and logistics in the capital city
Cost: 400 IP

Seawall - A seawall lines a region's coasts with bunkers, trenches, and anti-ship cannons, making naval assaults much riskier and more costly.
- Defends region's coastline
- Enhances defense and logistics along region's coastline
- May only be built in regions with coastline

Cost: 300 IP

Airfield - An airfield supports aviation and flight, but it's more than a flat runway in a field. The airfield also houses the parts, fuel, and personnel necessary to support military aircraft.
- Aircraft can be stationed at and launched from the region's capital.
Cost: 100 IP

Shipyard - A military shipyard houses all the materials, personnel and facilities to build and maintain warships.
- Warships can be stationed and launched from the region's port
- Region must border a sea to construct
Cost: 100 IP

Specialist Constructs:

ALL specialist construct schools cost 150 IP.

Jump School
- Allows the recruitment of Paratrooper Divisions and Commando's.

Chemical Weapons Plant -
Allows recruitment of chemical weapons troops.

Imperial Barracks -
-Allows recruitment of Imperial Guard

Jet Engine Factory:
-Allows recruitment of advanced jet fighters

Advanced Flight School:
-Allows recruitment of advanced dive bombers

Insurgent Training Camp:
-Allows recruitment of partisans

Infantry assault school:
-Allows recruitment of assault troops.

Advanced Artillery Factory:
-Allows recruitment of Dual artillery gun's or rocket trucks

Advanced Foundry Works:
-Allows recruitment of siege gun's.

Advanced Tank Factory:
-Allows recruitment of Light or Heavy Armored Divisions depending on doctrines.

Special Operations School:
-Allows recruitment of Frogmen

Advanced Shipyard:
-Allows recruitment of AIP submarines or Dreadnoughts depending on doctrines.

Amphibious Assault Training Grounds:
-Allows recruitment of Marines.

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