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Analoria (WIP)

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Empire Name: Analoria os Alterac

Empire Size:

An empire of this size is big enough to be command considerable industrial output. It now has between two and four regions. With an additional industrialized region comes a great increase in production capabilities. However, two industrial regions also means twice as much vulnerability.

Geography, Climate, and Environment:

The land of the Analoria os Alterac is approximately 1,930,000 square miles. The nation is broken up into three geographic regions that lend to the variety of life within the nation; the Molor Desert, the Tigera Forest, and the Serrat Plains.

The Molor Desert occupies the land along the western and southern borders making up about 570,000 square miles of the Alterac . This sand swept region receives a seasonal rainfall of 10" a day in the wet season which lasts from January to March. This brings a short period of life to the Molor Desert which feeds the many desert animals that roam the region. Very little of the Alterac population dwells in the desert except for the cities of Vega and Sian that have sprung up around the large oil fields. The Molor Desert though is occupied by several military bases that use the vast emptiness of the desert for training soldiers and testing new weapons of war.

The Molor Desert gives away to the Serrat Plains in the heart of the nation. The rolling plains that give the region its name occupies approximately 820,000 square miles and is the agricultural center of the nation. The landscape is dotted with farms that harvest a wide variety of food products such as wheat, rye, citrus trees, fruit orchards, and tobacco to name a few. The Serrat Plains enjoy a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and cool winters. A large Alterac population lives in this region with the capital city of Avalon, Eire, and Tiberus skylines dotting the horizon.

Making up the eastern and northern borders of the Analoria os Alterac is the Tigera Forest. The region has a heavy growth of deciduous forests that give way to the Alpine Mountains along the border. This region makes up the last of 530,000 square miles of the nation. Most of the forested land is under government environmental protection since it is the habitat for the verios tiger, Alterac 's national animal. Even with the environmental protections, the region still has its uses. The Alpine Mountain range provides a source for precious metals and gems as well as uranium and iron deposits. The major city of Lezar in the region lies near the 15,450 foot high Lezarous which it derives its name from. The Tigera Forest region also houses the largest industrial sectors in Alterac .

Nation Size: 1.97 million square miles

Nation Climate: Desert, Humid Subtropical, Alpine

Elevation: 5,000 to 15,450 feet above sea level for mountains. 25 to 600 feet above seas level for desert and plains.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):

Capital City:
Avalon is the pride of the Analoria os Alterac, located at the center of the nation. The capital represents the serene of order and well polished society. Avalon is of coarse the economic and nerve center of the nation as any capital should be. A vast majority of the nation's citizens live in the capital city's stretching skylines and the sprawling suburbs around it.

Major Cities:

Eire: Eire resides near the northern stretch of the Serrat. Around the city resides many of the agricultural farms that help feed the soldiers and civilians of the nation. This makes Eire the major processing and distribution center for food products.

Tiberus: This trade city stands along the south western sector of the nation. It is a focal point in trade and a hub of transport into the Molor Desert. Tiberus is also close to Fort Sheridan, Alterac's largest military base.

Sian: This resort city is known for its sandy beaches along Lake Lumina and temperate climate even within the Molor Desert. Soldiers and citizens visit Sian for a little R&R from hard work and industrial sectors that fill most of the nation's interior.

Vega: Located in the near heart of the Molor Desert, the city of Vega is the industrial center of the nation. Across the desert landscape, oil fields work away at bringing the black substance to the surface in what most consider more valuable than gold is why this major city exists.

Empire's Government:

Dictatorship - Unlike monarchs, dictators don't have legitimacy to back them up; they have to fight tooth and nail to seize power and hold it. This gives them an iron grip on policy, and a uniquely grim worldview. Dictators can always say that they have earned their place in the world.

Military First Policy:
--Dictatorships have 10% miitary discount on all purchases.

Note: Type of Dictatorship is a Stratocracy: is a form of military government in which the state and the military are traditionally the same thing and government positions are always occupied by military leaders. The military's political power is supported by law and the society.

Name of the Empire's Leaders:

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:

Economic Trait:

"True" Capitalism:
A competitive market may be free of regulations, or the government may intervene in it, but only to prevent any one firm from gaining too much control over the market. In either case, the result is that it is truly up to this empire's consumer to ensure which product reigns superior. Companies are constantly struggling to outbid, outprice, and outdo one another for the consumer's dollar, often flooding the market with a flow goods or resources that monopolists would restrict. However, this leaves the government with few controls over the economy, denying it use of a large portion of the Empire's industry.

Economic Policies Effect: -10% to Industrial Point income, +50% to Resource income

Empire Cards:

Revolutionary Front - Social
Support a revolutionary insurgency in another nation.
Effect: Spend 10 IP per Influence point in the target nation to set off a Revolutionary rebellion in one of its regions. The strength of the rebellion is based on your influence in the target region.

Media Capital - Asset
Your empire is a capital of media production, creating influential works of art that spread around the world.
Effect: You gain bonus influence equal to half your profit from all trade agreements.

Empire's Doctrine Trait:

New Army:
Unlocks access to all units; all units are 30% more expensive in IP and MP
Rather than a massive force of conscripts, this nation has invested its money into building a small but elite professional force capable of taking on armies several times its own size thanks to its sheer discipline and training. This military has drafted in new innovative tactics to improve its combat performance and on the battlefield it shows.

Empire's Starting Constructs:
-- (List regions where they are built).

Empire's Starting Military:
--(You start with 100 IP, 20 Steel, and 15 Oil for initial purchases. Starting resources do not carry over).

Empire IP Generation:

Empire History:
-- (You will be rewarded for how descriptive you are here).

Empire Location:-- (

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