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World News

Republic of Marktaz Votes NO to Peace Talks:

A referendum held by the ruling Markatzan National Socialist Party (MNSP) under Prime Minister Idrik Tito voted '' no '' by a landslide majority of 88% to reunification and peace talks that would officially end the civil war with the nearby New Kingdom of Markatz. MSNP protestors outside one polling station in the village of Chaldea chanted '' No to Union! No to Monarchy! '. The two countries have been split ever since a bloody civil war between nationalists and fascists over a decade ago. The Tsardom of Chernogov under the Markatzan-Cherno Friendship Treaty and the Conclave Peace Charter retains over 50,000 troops acting as peace keepers within the region and enforces an armistice.

However, the referendum does have it's critics. The MSNP banned international observers from taking part in the referendum. While the RNA (Republican National Army) deployed troops throughout the country, backed by Chernogovian soldiers to protect voting sites against ''terrorist attacks''. Widespread rumors of ballot stuffing, intimidation at voting sites, and other fraud have been claimed but nothing can be verified at this time.

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Chernogovian troops patrol the Markatzan town of Nippur.

'' We will pursue terrorists across international boundaries! '' Chevesky warns:

Chancellor Mikhail Chevesky of the Tsardom of Chernogov warned today that the Chernogovian Army would pursue ''terrorists across foreign borders if the government's in place will do nothing to act against them''.

The comment came after a bomb blast killed three Chernogovian Army soldiers and wounded four others after a truck bomb went off at a checkpoint outside a joint RNA-ICA (Imperial Chernogovian Army) military base. Both the National Socialist Party of the Republic of Markatz and the Tsardom have long since blamed the self declared New Kingdom of Markatz of harboring militants who frequently cross the border to carry out the attacks. However, border clashes between both sides are common place according to incident reports documented by the Conclave of Nation's.

Emergency Meeting held over Mao-Demuon Tensions:

An emergency session of the Conclave of Nation's is set to be held today as war looms between the Dominion of Demuon and the loosely aligned Mao Warlord's. While the Mao hold no seat in the General Assembly, they have dispatched a representative to speak before the Conclave. Meanwhile, the Secretary General has called for an immediate end of hostilities as news of skirmishing breaks out between Mao and Demuon troops along the border.

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