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The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon (New)

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1The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon (New) Empty The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon (New) on Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:11 am

Empire Name: The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon

Empire Size: Massive:
A massive empire has spread its influence over an impressive amount of land. Massive empires control a considerable amount of space, and often have difficulty protecting the full extent of their territory.

The Dominion lands are primarily the island of Demuon and it's colonies on the nearby continents.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):--

Shi Xie -The Imperial Province of Hoang Gao (Region 90) (Capital) - The first province of the Dominion and seat of imperial power. Hoag Goa is home of the oldest families in the empire and many building in the capital have been standing since the time of the first Emperor. The Imperial Academy of War is seated just outside of the city proper. The capital is also known as the city of Ravens due to the high number of birds that inhabit it. This stems from a great tower on the eastern wing of the imperial palace built by the fourth Emperor for the purpose of housing ravens specially bred to carry imperial decrees across the Dominion. The tower can be seen from any point within the capital and is called the Rookery by the locals.
Regional Security:8
Regional Public Approval:6
Constructs:Imperial Barracks, Advanced Foundry Works, Smelter Factory, Food Node

Dian Jong- Way Kie Province(Region 84) – The northern tip of the homeland and the busiest port in the Empire, Dian Jong is also called the House of Serpents because of it’s history as a haven for pirates during the dawning years of the empire. In modern times the pirates are gone but their legacy remains in the privateers. Often the young heirs of the city’s elite will commission a small warship and petition the emperor for a letter of mark so they might find glory on the high seas.
Regional Security:6
Regional Public Approval:4
Constructs:Oil Well,

Shen Ho – Iyo Han Province (Region 83) – South of the capital lays Shen Ho the largest market in the province that serves as the breadbasket of the homeland. As cities go Shen Ho is hardly a center of high culture and it’s inhabitants are more than happy to leave it that way.
Regional Security:6
Regional Public Approval:4
Constructs:4 Food Nodes

Azu Fong – Liengto Province (west) (Region 82)
Bao Zi - Liengto Province (east) (Region 89)
– Azu Fong is the working capital of the massive land of ice and snow to the north of the homeland is inhabited mostly by hunters and prospectors who make what living they can in such barren lands. Bao Zi is little more than a trading post in the eastern half of the province that is slowly turning itself into a true community. There are several native tribes that live outside imperial control. For the time being the Emperor has decided that subjugating them properly would be a waste of resources and for now they live in relative autonomy.
Regional Security(east):6
Regional Public Approval(east):4
Regional Security(west):6
Regional Public Approval(west):4
Constructs(east):Food node

Nang Ji – Goll Nansu Colony (Region 7) – The only territory on the Grand continent under the control of the Dominion. Nang ji is for all intents and purposes a massive military encampment until more colonists arrive from the homeland.
Regional Security:6
Regional Public Approval:4

Empire's Government:

Absolute Monarchy-
In an Absolute Monarchy, all the political power of a state has been vested in one individual as both head of state and government. An absolute monarch wields absolute power over the state and its subject people, in effect his word is law. Though an Absolute Monarchy may have weak or symbolic parliaments, in reality the monarch is quite capable of dissolving these at will. The monarch is the state in this society.

I Am The State:
-- Absolute Monarchies have +2 to security in every region.

Ruler ship within the Dominion has only three requirements. First the claimant must be a blood relative of the previous Emperor/Empress, they must have reached the age of majority and the must be the one who holds the Position of Prince/Princess of Ravens. This leads to savage and cunning being the predominant traits amongst the royal family as each child tries to prove their worthiness to rule to their parent.

Name of the Empire's Leaders:
Zhao Han- The 43rd Emperor of the Dominion is a 42 year old man with long red hair that is starting to grey at the temples. He is tall and thin preferring robes of black silk. The 13th child of the last emperor, he is known for the brutal manner in which he removed his siblings from the line of succession. In all the Imperial records there is no heir to be known to have contrived the deaths of so many claimants. He has sired 27 children thus far.

Zhao Attila- The Emperor’s third child and current Prince of Ravens. He is a handsome man of 22. Attila has his father’s red hair though he elects to keep it trimmed short. He is of average height but broad shouldered. He is not known to particularly brutal when dealing with people on a personal level, but in battle he is often in the thickest of the fighting surrounded by death. He is named for the first Emperor of the dominion.

Zhao Otto- The first of the emperor’s children. He is 26 with long black hair and fair skin. He is the only first born child of an emperor that does not hold the title of Prince of Ravens and still live in six generations.

Zhao Fay- The emperor’s second child. She is a striking young woman with delicate features and beautiful platinum blond hair. Fay is considered the least likely of the emperor’s offspring to claim the throne, due to her mellow nature. Fay is 25 years old.

Oni- The only name the top general of the Dominion and Commander of the Deathwatch Guard answers to. Oni supposedly has served since the time of the first Emperor. His age and identity is unknown due to the fact that he is never seen in public without his ceremonial armor. There have even been several confirmed reports over the history of the Dominion that Oni had been killed in battle and was seen leading troop mere hours later. Because of this the people whisper that Oni is truly a demon given flesh and bound into the service of the Imperial family.
The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon (New) Evil-s10

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:
Population: 60 billion
Growth: 1 Million per Update

Empire's Economy Type:
Traditional Economy:
The means of production are owned and managed the same way they have been for centuries. Though a little room has been made for modern industry and finance, the true wealth of the nation remains its land. Every member of society knows her place in the working of this wealth, almost certainly the same place as her parents, and their parents before them.

Economic Policies Effect: Regions produce 40 IP/turn each, Industrial Constructs and Trade Routes generate 50% less for the nation. Will not transition into another economic type unless strong foreign influence or action forces a change.

Empire Cards:
Repression - Social
Repress your people with violence and intimidation.
Effects: Every Army reduces discontent in the region it is stationed in.
You may choose to use a "Repression" action at any time, which will reduce all foreign influences in your Nation by an amount equal to the amount of discontent you allow it to be increased.

Cult of Personality - Social
One of this nation's leaders has built up a massive following as a Great Ideologue. The populace looks up the leader with reverence, and her presence can mean the difference between revolt and compliance.
Effects: Designate one person of importance in your application as Great Ideologue. Every turn, the Great Ideologue may be moved to any region in your nation to give a one-time +2 Happiness boost, or to any accessible foreign region to generate +2 Influence/turn in the nation that owns the region.

Military Doctrine:
Traditional Army:
Infantry + Artillery + Cavalry
Unlocks Imperial Guard Horse and Infantry Divisions+ Experimental Siege Gun
Your soldiers have stuck to the tried fashions of the last wars, emphasizes infantry attacks, artillery barrages, and trench warfare. These men are better equipped than their opponents, and their artillery bigger.

Empire Military Spending / Total Maintenance:
Imperial Army
13 Infantry Divisions [130IP, 26MP, 260,000 men]
5 Cavalry Divisions [70IP, 5MP, 30,000 men]
2 Imperial Guard Infantry Divisions [30IP, 4 steel, 8MP 20,000 men]
2 Artillery Regiments [30IP, 6 steel, 4MP, 20,000 men and 2,000 guns]

Army Subtotal 260ip, 10 steel, 43MP

Imperial Navy
5 Submarine Squadrons [75IP, 10 steel, 10 oil, 5MP 15 Ships]

Navy Subtotal 75ip, 10 steel, 10 oil, 5MP

Total Military Personnel: 330,000 military personnel
Total expenditure: 335IP, 20 Steel, 10 Oil
Upkeep: 10 oil

Empire's Starting Constructs (if any):
Imperial Barracks (Hoang Gao 90), Advanced Foundry Works (Hoang Gao 90), Oil Well (Way Kie 84), Smelter Factory (Hoang Gao 90)

Empire IP Generation:

Hoang Gao:40
Way Kie:40
Iyo Han:40
Goll Nansu:40
Total= 240

Empire History:
The Dominion began with warlord named Zhao Xian who along with his trusted lieutenant Oni engaged on campaign of conquest over his neighbors. When he finish he ruled a kingdom that spanned over fifty thousand square leagues. He maintained his power with the help of a large standing army and a corps of veterans who came to be known as the Deathwatch Guard. Zhao Xian fathered many children but feared that his oldest may not be fit to rule after his death so he pitted his offspring against each other to determine who would be his heir. It was in fact his tenth child, a boy named Attila who rose above his siblings by defeating a massive rebellion in one of the outlying provinces. After the battle Zhao Xian looked upon the bloody corpses and the carrion birds that near blocked the sun and declared Attila the Prince of Ravens and his rightful heir.

After Xian’s death Attila became the first Emperor of the Dominion. Over the last thousand years the borders of the empire have fluctuated. Losing land during the reigns of those not truly fit to rule and expanding when the Imperial family produced a true leader. There have been numerous rebellions against the imperial government and each time they have been stuck down and the Imperial family has become more totalitarian in their views on ruler ship. The Black Hills Rebellion caused the 32nd Emperor to create the Funshutsu, a group of dedicated individuals whose sole purpose is root out threats to the stability of the Dominion.

The love of the people has never been firmly affixed to the Imperial family the way other nation proclaim to love their monarchs, mostly due to the inconsistent morals of those willing to do whatever it takes to stand triumphant in the contests for the title of heir. When a great hurricane swept the province of Way Kie the 45th emperor became so annoyed by the refugees that had flooded the imperial province that he declared that anyone who could not prove that they lived in the province or had official business had ten days to return home or be executed several hundred thousand people who had wounds that prevented them from making the deadline set by the Emperor were slaughtered by the Deathwatch Guard. The emperor then then order a wall be built with the bodies along the border of Way Kie. The wall was no higher than a man’s knee at any point so two Divisions of Deathwatch Guards were deploy to man it make sure none of the bodies were buried. A hundred years ago during the time of the 41st Emperor there were a clan of from Iyo Han who had insulted him by refusing to marry the clan head's daughter to him. he sent an army to round them up to be made examples of. The clan, now only referred to as the forsaken to the history books fled Demuon across the sea rather than face the wrath of the Emperor. Rumor states that they have been taken in by the nation of Entria.

Untill recent years the Dominion has taken an isolationist stance. But when Zhao Han's father took the throne he opened his ports and trade routes to the wider world forging the path for a more industrialized nation to be born, but he still focused on maintaining the stability of the land the Dominion already controlled rather than expanding its influence. Since the coronation of Zhao Han the Dominion has begun gearing up for aggressive expansion with the acquisition of a narrow stretch of land of the main continent, and the Imperial Army has brought in experts from other nations to help them utilize the latest in modern weaponry to break asunder all who would stand in the way of the Dominion’s destiny.

Social Ecology: Within the Dominion there are three distinct social classes the Aristocracy, Commoners and the Owned.

The Aristocracy is made up of the Imperial family and the Blooded. The Blooded are the children of Emperors who withdrew their claims or were not old enough to be considered claimants and their descendants. They operate as government officials, officers in the army and land owners. Sometimes a commoner will be awarded the status of Blooded for some great service to the empire. The 4th emperor raised a captain of the Imperial army to Blooded status for his valiant defense of a pass that had been attacked by a barbarian horde ten time the size of the captains own forces.

The Commoners are the salt of the earth. They till the soil, work the foundries and mills, and a thousand other thankless tasks that are essential to daily life in the Dominion. They also form the bulk of the Imperial Army, taking the fight to those who threaten their families. Commoners who show promise can be enrolled into officer training but they often find they have a hard time advancing up the ranks compared to those with Blooded status.

The Owned are just what the name implies slaves within the Dominion sometimes due to debt or a serious blow to their honor or birth into this social class. The Owned are truly the only group that can be seen with in all levels of the social ladder. There are even a few institutions that only accept the Owned as members such as the Deathwatch Guard.

The Imperial Army will take any citizen of sound mind and body. No distinction is made between men and women, though a woman who becomes pregnant is sent to the rear to help with administrative tasks.

Empire Location:-- (not sure what the new numbering will be)
The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon (New) MAPCONQUEST0055

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Accepted. I'll have your dossier up by today. PM me the forces involved for the invasion of Mao.

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Name: The Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon

IP Production: 240

Population: 60 million

Base Food Production: 20 million food per turn

Base Steel Production: 5 steel per turn

Base Oil Production: 10 barrels of oil per turn (1 undeveloped node)

1 Food Node - 82
2 Food Nodes-89
1 Food Node - 84

1 Steel Node- 83

1 Oil Node- 7
1 Oil Node- 90

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