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Tsardom of Chernogov (NEW)

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Empire Name: Tsardom of Chernegov

Empire Size:
A massive empire has spread its influence over an impressive amount of land. It has up to six regions. Massive empires control a considerable amount of space, and often have difficulty protecting the full extent of their territory.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):-- (Please give a detailed description of the kingdom and it's cities).

Novgorod (Capital)- The sprawling capital of the Empire, Novogorod is the largest city in the Empire estimated to be well over four million souls. It is here that the Imperial Palace dominates the city center, it is the home of the Empire's bureaucracy and the elite alike.

Azov-The city of Azov is an ugly, dirty place. It's air constantly fouled by the belching smoke that runs from Azov's massive factories. Azov is one of the largest industrial centers in the country and is responsible for the production of a large part of the Imperial War Machine. Here tanks, planes, rifles, new automobiles, all are churned out fresh from the production line.

Kazan- Unlike the city of Azov, Kazan is a relatively rural place. It is also one of the smaller cities in the country with a population of a little over a million. It is here however that a major portion of the Empire's food is grown and processed to be shipped off to the hungry masses.

Reval-The sight of the infamous November Uprising which spread from the nearby Kingdom of Markatz, Reval for the most part is still scarred by the event. It's buildings still pock marked by bullet holes when the Tsar's troops moved in to put down the revolt. Now the city is slowly but surely under the Tsar being re-built in a bid to reduce simmering old wounds.

Empire's Government:
Absolute Monarchy-
In an Absolute Monarchy, all the political power of a state has been vested in one individual as both head of state and government. An absolute monarch wields absolute power over the state and its subject people, in effect his word is law. Though an Absolute Monarchy may have weak or symbolic parliaments, in reality the monarch is quite capable of dissolving these at will. The monarch is the state in this society.

I Am The State:
-- Absolute Monarchies have +2 to security in every region.

Name of the Empire's Leaders:
Alexander I- Alexander the First of House Suvarov, the newly crowned Tsar of Chernegov has only been on the throne for five years after his father Peter III died under mysterious circumstances.In that time he has been working hard to restore the Tsardom to its previous glory that has begun to slip under his fathers reign. Described as cold, calculating, and pragmatic by those whom know him closely the Tsar is a complex man but one with a vision. To restore the Tsardom and bring its lost provinces back into the Imperial Fold. By any means.

Mikhail Chevesky- Chancellor Chevesky is the Imperial Chancellor of the Tsar and the chief architect of its foreign policy which has been primarily aimed at bringing its lost territory back under the Tsar's heel. He is a strong supporter of the monarchy and before his instatement as Chancellor fought in the November Uprising in Markatz where he is known to have executed thousands for crimes against the current Tsar's father.

Field Marshal Viktor Kavarin- The Field Marshal is one of the few officers from the Imperial General Staff that managed to survive the shakeup after the November Uprising, he commanded troops against the URRS and while not successful from stopping the breaking away of the Kavestov region, he did manage to stop a similar uprising in Azov and beat back a number of URCS attacks into Chernogovian territory.

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:

Populations between 40 million and 60 million have a low birthrate :
-Increase of 1 million per week

[ 60 million / 60 MP ]

Economic Trait:

Traditional Economy:
The means of production are owned and managed the same way they have been for centuries. Though a little room has been made for modern industry and finance, the true wealth of the nation remains its land. Every member of society knows her place in the working of this wealth, almost certainly the same place as her parents, and their parents before them.

Economic Policies Effect: Regions produce 40 IP/turn each, Industrial Constructs generate 50% less. Will not transition into another economic type unless strong foreign influence or action forces a change.

Empire Cards:
Repression - Social
Repress your people with violence and intimidation.
Effects: Every Army reduces discontent in the region it is stationed in.
You may choose to use a "Repression" action at any time, which will reduce all foreign influences in your Nation by an amount equal to the amount of discontent you allow it to be increased.

Cronyism - Social
Spend money to cause corruption and buy influence in foreign lands.
Effects: You may spend Industrial Points to buy influence in a Nation. It costs 10 IP to bring Influence from 0 to 1, 20 IP to bring it from 1 to 2, etc. Your influence causes corruption in foreign nations, increasing discontent in all regions by 1 for every two points of influence.

Empire's Doctrine Trait:
Airpower + Armor
Unlocks Light Armor and Dive Bombers
For years armies have toiled back and fourth across static defenses, with thousands of lives lost for only a few hundred yards gained. Designed to break the deadlock of trench warfare, Blitzkrieg utilizes air support as accurate mobile artillery to ensure the advance of the fast tanks are never hindered. Using grand pincer movements and flanking attacks, Blitzkrieg is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Empire's Starting Constructs (if any):
Advanced Tank Factory: / Novgorod
-Allows recruitment of Light or Heavy Armored Divisions

Advanced Flight School: / Azov
-Allows recruitment of advanced dive bombers

-Oil Well / Reval

-Smelter Factory / Astrakhan

Empire's Starting Military:

5 Infantry Divisions [ 50 IP, 10 MP, 100,000 men ]
2 Cavalry Divisions [ 36, 2 MP, 12,000 men ]
2 Artillery Divisions [ 30 IP, 3 steel, 4 MP, 20,000 men ]
1 Light Armor Division [ 25 IP, 5 Steel, 1 oil, 4 MP, 12,000 men ]
1 Advanced Dive Bomber Wing [ 20 IP / 6 Steel / 2 barrels of oil / 3 Manpower, 6,000 men ]
1 Fighter Wing [ 15 IP, 4 Steel, 2 Barrels of Oil, 2 MP, 6,000 men ]
2 Agents [ 40 IP ]

Total Military Personnel: 176,000 military personnel
Expenditure: 216 IP, 18 Steel, 6 Oil, 25 MP
Remaining: 124 IP, 5 Steel, 10 Oil, 35 MP

Empire IP Generation: 240 IP / 10 oil a turn / 5 steel a turn

Empire History:
-- (You will be rewarded for how descriptive you are here).

The Tsardom of Chenergov often called the Empire of Chernegov has dominated the continent for the past two hundred years both culturally, politically, and economically. Through war, conquest, trade and brutal annexation it has created an Empire of many faces ethnically and of varying religions. But all have been united into one people, in one empire, behind one Tsar. The Tsar has existed with almost Divine authority to rule the land, his word is law, and backed by the threat of annihilation by the Imperial Armies which have shown both in the past and present to have no qualms about committing genocide to achieve Imperial aims.

Nevertheless, the past twenty years have been a tumultuous one for the Tsardom as its power has begun to slip in a region dominated by new ideas and ideologies that has run counter to the government line. New enemies have emerged to challenge it and the Empire's decline has become all too clear, for the past decade it has been dealing with the consequences of what has become to be known as the November Uprising in the province of Markatz

What began as a riot over taxes quickly fanned the flames of nationalism when the Tsar's troops opened fire on the crowd to disperse them. The Tsardom already distracted by fighting a new bitter conflict with the United Revolutionary Council of Survaek were driven out nearly two years after the uprising began. However, under Alexander I and its new Imperial Chancellor the Empire withdrew to lick its wounds and has struck back. Invading the newly declared Kingdom of Markatz as she descended into the depths of civil war. Now under a proxy government, the Tsardom is slowly but surely closing its grip on the monarchy.Of course other threats remain, the Dominion of Demuon and the always ambitious URRS Confederation will serve as the new contenders that could send the Tsardom from its place in the sun.

Empire Location:-- (Open the map in MS Paint, draw your kingdoms preferred boundaries than post it here. Please try and draw them according to your nations size.)

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