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Missionaries - Social
Missionaries preach your specific interpretation of religion and spread your influence.
Effects: Every turn you may select one Nation for missionaries to preach in. You gain an additional point of influence in that Nation. You also gain +1 influence per turn in all Nations that sign trade agreements with you.

Holy War - Social
Declare a Holy War against the infidels, lending their zeal and fervor to your cause.
Effects: You may declare a Holy War in any circumstances you wish. Soldiers fighting in Holy Wars always have high morale and you do not suffer civil objection to the Holy War. In addition, any Nation you have 5 or more influence in will come under public pressure to support your war.
You are oblidged to continue a holy war until the original objective is completed. Failing to do so will result in halving all foreign influence and facing unrest.

Terrorism - Social
Provoke ideological terrorists to act in regions of influence.
Effects: You may provoke terrorist attacks in any Nation which you have influence in. The number, severity, and chance of success for the attacks is determined by your influence level.
You do not have control over the terrorists or their specific targets.

Pilgrimage Site - Asset
A Holy site which pilgrims flock too for spiritual enlightenment or renewal.
Effects: You can bonus income equal to your influence in a nation if you have a trade agreement with them.

Cronyism - Social
Spend money to cause corruption and buy influence in foreign lands.
Effects: You may spend credits to buy influence in a Nation. The price of each influence point is two times the amount of influence you already have in that Nation.
Your influence causes corruption in foreign nations, increasing discontent by 1 for every 3 points of influence.

Repression - Social
Repress your people with violence and intimidation.
Effects: Every Army reduces discontent in the region it is stationed in.
You may choose to use a "Repression" action at any time, which will reduce all foreign influences in your Nation by an amount equal to the amount of discontent you allow it to be increased.

Multiculturalism - Social
Your society is multicultural, accepting and capitalizing on many different viewpoints.
Effect: You reduce discontent by 1 for every Nation which has influence within your own.

Media Capital - Asset
Your empire is a capital of media production, creating influential works of art that spread around the world.
Effect: You gain bonus influence equal to half your profit from all trade agreements.

Consumerism - Social
Your people are avid consumers, always looking for the Next Big Thing.
Effects: Whenever you sign a new trade agreement you gain a +10 credit bonus. In addition, you gain +2 credits from trade agreements.

Revolutionary Front - Social
Support a revolutionary insurgency in another nation.
Effect: A Revolutionary rebellion begins in the target region. The strength of the rebellion is based on your influence in the target region.

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System already stands as mildly complicated.

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