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Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread)

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1Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) Empty Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) on Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:17 pm


Mao-Demuon War

Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) Japtroops
Demuonese troops fight off a Mao ambush

Grand Imperial Dominion of Demuon
State of Jun

Emperor Zhao Han
General Oni

Prince Jun Jao XII
Air Marshal Huang

5 Infantry Divisions
1 Cavalry Division
1 Artillery Division
1 Imperial Guard Infantry Division

3 Infantry Divisions
1 Cavalry Division
1 Artillery Division
1 Armored Division

Mao Warlords

Warlord Quan Khai
General Nguygen Tao

5 Infantry Divisions
4 Partisan Units
2 Artillery Divisions '
2 Torpedo Boat Squadrons

The Mao Warlord's have long since been a thorn in the side the regional powers, extending the opium trade far to the continent. However, the extremely territorial Mao have resisted all attempts at invasion during their near century long reign and have continued their operations. Often fighting each other as much as foreign powers for control of the smuggling markets. But the threat of both Jun and Demuon has provoked a lacking sense of unity from within the Warlord's whom have united in the face of the threat. The most powerful of the Mao Warlord's Quan Khai has been placed in command of all of the Mao forces.

With the world distracted by the Fusanese invasion of Saiko, the Dominion of Demuon is hoping for a quick victory and territorial expansion to get ahold of rumored undeveloped oil deposits within the Mao homeland. Likewise, the State of Jun is looking to expand on it's own power and influence regionally. But the massing of troops on the border has been no secret. Over the past weeks, the Warlord's have begun mobilizing their own troops and like in the day's of their ancestors are content to wait for the invaders to make the first move. While lacking the powerful airforce's and navy of the Demuon, the Mao have a long and fierce history of gureilla warfare. In the thick jungle terrain of the Mao homeland, the Mao will be attempting to use terrain to negate it's enemies advantage.

In it's initial advance, the Demuonese had two choices. They could move directly to seize the capital of Champa and the nest of the countries few industrial cities or move along the coast to try and try to seize the countries port city of Long Ai. Or the Demuonese could hunt for a decisive battle in the elusive jungle with the Mao Warlord's. A battle that might not end in their favor against a hardened and elusive enemy.

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2Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) Empty Re: Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:36 pm

Dominion High Command

Operation Spear point: The 2nd Deathwatch Guard Division under the command of the Prince of Ravens along with the 3rd Cavalry, 10th, 11th infantry, and 2nd Artillery are to take Champa without delay. The 9th, 12th and 13th Infantry will provide screening forces to prevent ambushes to the main force.

Upon arrival Champa will be fortified. All city officials are to be detained and processed. Check points will be established at all points of entry.

ONI, Commander of the Deathwatch.

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3Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) Empty Re: Mao-Demuon War (Campaign Thread) on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:12 am


The initial advance of the Demuon Imperial Army was less of a rush and more of a trudge. The jungle proved to be more of an enemy than actual bullets, slowing down supply trains, with frequent ambushes by partisans turning in a march that should've taken three weeks into six. Every village and small town that the Demuon seemed to passed was relatively abandoned. The lack of armor or air cover meant that Mao and Demuon troops initially achieved parity with one another and the partisan forces were able to wait in place for the enemy to come to them. Often hiding in the thick jungle until the infantry had passed before they would ambush and wreck the long train of supply trucks, porters, and pack mules carrying the invading armies of supplies. The vanguard of the Demuon force managed to push forward with heavy casualties towards the fortified town of Dacca, which guarded the Jongtai River with a key bridge that lead towards the capital city of Champa.

- Advancing forward will trigger the Battle of Dacca (PM initial strategy to moderator)
- Partisan attacks have inflicted heavy casualties on the leading elements of the advancing Demuon army.
- The Demuon will start the next battle with limited supplies.

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