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Conclave of Nations

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Conclave of Nations

Capital: Kolov
Official Languages: Chernogovian, Survaekom, Varcian
Established Date: 1900
Political Structure: International Organization
Secretary General: Sir Oliver Drummond

Established a world forum to promote peace, dialogue, and cross border economic cooperation, the Conclave of Nation's is relatively young and has a mixed record of keeping the peace. While it deployed troops and helped to bring about peace in the Sudovakian Civil War, it nonetheless failed to act decisively during the birth of the URCS and the subsuquent wars that followed between Chernogov, Demuon, and the Survaekom. For the past two years, it has managed to keep an unsteady peace. Almost all world nation's (barring Burovistan and the Mao Warlord's have a seat in the General Assembly).

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