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The Eranshashr State

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Aboard the Eranian Battleship Gemici

A flash of light shone from the east as the sun rose from it's slumber, illuminating the ocean and the warship that prowled it's sparkling azure depths. Across the deck of the mighty, multi-gunned warship bustled many figures, like ants scuttling about a hive. On the flag pole flapped a flag of grey and white, distorting the details as it whipped wildly in the wind.

From the entrance to the command deck strode Kara Mursel, the quick witted Yuzbasi of the Gemici, bedecked in a deep black uniform. As he stepped up to the railing his hat almost was blown away but for the quick action of his right hand. Kara could not help but smile as he breathed in the salty ocean air. Below him came a shout.

"Officer on deck!"

The load of bustling ants suddenly became an organized, disciplined line, saluting and falling into ranks if not currently undertaking something rather vital.

"At ease, sailors! Return to your duties!" cried Kara as he looked across his assembled men. They all dropped their hands and returned to their posts, hauling rope, barrels, and other seafaring things to their required positions. Kara smiled once more before turning on a rubber heel and entering the command deck. The command deck was brightly lit, partially by the sun and partially by light fixtures bolted to the walls. The sound of the busy officers surrounded him as they too went about their duties. Upon entering he was swiftly approached by Selim Bey, his assistant and adjutant. Selim quickly saluted upon remembering Kara's higher station.

"Sir. Your tea, sir. Would you like to hear the morning report, sir?"

Kara chuckled under his breath as he was bombarded by the Adjutants questioning. He nodded thankfully as the porcelain teacup was handed over to him and motioned for Selim to begin. After several seconds of awkward staring Selim realized he was to continue.

"Sir, the men are going about their duties as prepared. Yesterday's drills for possible damage went swimmingly. Engines are functioning at optimum efficiency, all main batteries have been properly cleaned and tested for any disorders. None were found," Selim stopped to breath in for the first time in the conversation, "As predicted. All command staff have been awoken for briefing and are at their posts on the command deck. Oh, and your tea was cooked to perfection, as ordered."

Kara nodded as he sniffed the scalding tea. Just how he liked it. The adjutant may be talkative but he knew how to get a job done. He's lucky he joined the Navy . . . thought Kara bitterly. Dismissing the thought as simple daydreams, Kara stepped over to the display table where several of his officers stood awaiting the briefing. The rest quickly fell in, standing at ease around the display. Kara growled gratingly to clear his throat.

"Command Staff, I trust your night went well. To those who did not get to sleep as I did you have my sympathies." To this several of the Officers gave resigned snickers, "Now, to business. We are under order by the Sultan to make our way to the island of Kirkazik and inspect it for possible occupation. It is the Sultan's great plan to reclaim the island after two centuries of it being lost to us."

The lights beneath the table flashed on, revealing a lit up map of the island. The island itself was well mapped however the details of the population or townships were scarce. The officers looked it over in an attempt to decide the best coarse of action.

"Yuzbasi, I suggest we drop anchor south of the island. From the description of the tides, it would be the safest coarse of action. We could also deploy landing boats to this beach here," the Mulazim-Sani pointed towards the beach in question, a long strip of white sand. "If we land there, a beachhead could be set up and we could further deploy into the island's center."

Kara smiled at the young Mulazim-Sani. The Mulazim was fresh out of Kaya'Tepe and had the scars to prove it. Even for his youth, Kara couldn't help but think of himself at that age. That boy will go far if he plays his cards right. The nods of approval coming from the rest of the command staff displayed similar thoughts.

"What Mulazim-Sani Reis states seems viable. This will be our course of action upon nearing the island. Once landed, we will scout the island and discover if there is yet a population there. Keep to regulations, do not fire unless fired upon. All Mulazim, report to your men and prepare to land."

The Sultan has expressed interest in the island off the coast of Atanzia and has dispatched the battleship Gemeci to learn of it and possibly claim it for the State.

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