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1Application Template  Empty Application Template on Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:07 am


Please copy the below application, create a new thread with the name of your kingdom and post the finished application. When posting the application, please copy the information directly from the " Mechanics of an Empire " thread so that the Moderators may refer back to it in its entirety.

Empire Name:

Empire Size:

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):-- (Please give a detailed description of the kingdom and it's cities).

Empire's Government:

Name of the Empire's Leaders:
-- (Please give a detailed description).

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:

Economic Trait:

Empire Cards:
-- (You can have up to 2).

Empire's Doctrine Trait:

Empire's Starting Constructs:
-- (List regions where they are built).

Empire's Starting Military:
--(You start with 100 IP, 20 Steel, and 15 Oil for initial purchases. Starting resources do not carry over).

Empire IP Generation:

Empire History:
-- (You will be rewarded for how descriptive you are here).

Empire Location:-- (Open the map in MS Paint, draw your kingdoms preferred boundaries than post it here. Please try and draw them according to your nations size.)

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