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Empire of Fusan

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1Empire of Fusan Empty Empire of Fusan on Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:59 pm

Ryokino, Military Headquarters, 54th Imperial Army

" The Emperor has given his blessing. We will slaughter the Saiko like cattle. Operation Sai-Go has been dispatched to the necessary military commanders. " The soft, chant like voice of General Hyato Kiwaguro ended those tertiary military officers gathered him nodded in acknowledgement. They followed his fingers on the map as he directed orders to his subordinates. " The 29th and 30th Air Wings will attack their northern cities here. The 38th and 41st Air Wings will ensure air superiority over the Great Plains as the 54th Army heads for the capital. " He slammed a balled fist into the map where the Saiko capital sat. " We must wash over them like a tide and bring honor to the Emperor. " His stern countenance gave credence to his loyalty to the Emperor.

" You have your orders. We move at oh six hundred hours. "

The 54th Imperial Army was a force worthy of recognition on the small asiatic island. 190,000 infantry, 2,400 light and medium tanks and over 5,000 artillery pieces. Although not mechanized except for the armored columns, the great plains of the western portion of the island that Saiko and Fusan called home meant that large land armies of foot soldiers rarely experienced difficulty when traversing the land. Clad in their white and biege outfits, the 54th Imperial Army milled about near the border in over a thousand different army camps. Secondary to their position were the various makeshift air fields that housed the Imperial Air Wing. Notorious for their ability to wage war in the air, the Imperial Air Wing was the proverbial sword of the Empire and it would be no different here.

The army began to move out. The 54th Imperial Army was then split into two armies. The 79th Imperial Army and the 55th Imperial Army. The 79th was comprised of 70,000 Imperial Fusanese and 600 tanks and they headed northeast toward the Saiko's northern port city. The 55th headed east with 120,000, 1,800 tanks and all 5,000 artillery pieces toward the Saiko capital. The Imperial Air Wings would provide preliminary bombing and strafing attacks after clearing the air if necessary.

Telegraphs were sent back to the Emperor after the surprise declaration of war.

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-- The Empire of Fusan declares war on the Saiko Confederate States. This starts the Fuso-Saiko War of 1921.

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