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New Kingdom of Markatz

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1New Kingdom of Markatz Empty New Kingdom of Markatz on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:44 pm

Northern Markatz Border, Itarc Kanika outpost

"They should be coming from here, here, and here." The men explained, shoving red-topped pins into the topographical map. He brushed aside a yellow leaf and stabbed the last one in a nearby pass.

"We've confirmed another shipment of weapons from Chernogov, as well as troop movements along the border. I expect an attack order within a month."

General Linyani leaned back in his wooden chair, eying his informant with a dark glare which he often used to scrutinize people. The Yanriya contact was dressed the way any Markatz farmer would be, but despite his dress the man's demeanor was entirely trim and military. There was no slouching, no slurring of words. He had probably been a communist at some point, but the man's information had been reliable and verified by other cadres. If he was a communist he was still loyal to the Duchess, and that was all that mattered.

Around the two men the Kanika partisans patrolled in near silence. This hilltop base was one of their hidden outposts on the border. The entire thing was hidden under the trees and fortified with wooden barricades covered in ferns. It was completely invisible until you stumbled on it, and provided a commanding view of one of the main passes up from the republican lowlands.

"Will you be able to alert us when the order is given?"

"I might receive word of it, but by the time I could inform you the attacks will likely have already begun."

"Then we're done here." Linyani decided. "I'll have my men escort you back to the border."

As the spy departed Linyani inspected his plans again. Chernogov's puppets were still trying to "retake" Markatz despite their own fragility. He would deal with them. He had dozens of eyes in their land, and when they came across the border he would smash them. The normal infantry forces in the nearby border towns would be the bait, and his men would be the pincers.

- General Linyani plans for an upcoming raid by Republican forces.

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