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26General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:24 pm

Call to arms Specialist units
Railroad guns- Specialist Heavy Artillery
Can drop bombardment on units in an adjacent region
Can only be deployed in region with railways
Require an oil slot

Alpine Regiment- Specialist Mountain Infantry
Suffer no penalties for moving & fighting in mountainous Terrain
Weaker than standard Infantry on open ground

Paratroopers- Specialist Airborne Infantry
Can drop into enemy regions
Excellent Morale
Susceptible to AA fire on entry
Require an oil slot

Commandos- Specialist Stealth Infantry
Can sabotage enemy constructs at no penalty
Excellent Morale
Expensive to train

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27General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:16 pm


Hmm, just need to add constructs to go along with them. For example, the rail gun's would need perhaps some kind of manufacturing plant just to produce them, Maybe some kind of mountain warfare school for the alpine regiments? The other specialist unit I'm going to suggest is a chemical weapons company and I think maybe that should be it? Unless someone wants to suggest one or two more.

Paratrooper Company- Specialist Paratroopers
Can drop behind enemy lines
Can only carry six turns worth of food and fuel before they begin to become combat ineffective.
Take up an oil slot (this covers the transports that the paratroopers will be transported n)
Requires Jump School Construct

Chemical Weapons Battalion-Deploys Mustard Gas and other chemical variants
Risk of chemical weapons being exposed to friendly troops upon deployment
Takes up an oil slot (due to trucks and other equipment being needed to transport the materials)
Requires Chemical Weapons Manufacturing Construct

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28General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:31 pm

One thing I think is very important is to balance out the "Good" and "Evil traits. By that I mean giving all the "Republics" actual weaknesses as compared to Dictatorships. Because, honestly, if a player sees one that removes happiness and one that just makes other countries less likely to like you in a Diplomacy, what are they going to choose?

And I believe you're missing some important features of the WWI-WWII era:

Trench System - A system of crisscrossing, parallel, and interconnected trenches zigzagging designed to stop Infantry advances.
- Can be placed in either Friendly or Occupied Enemy territory.
- Must be garrisoned by at least one Infantry Regiment.
- Regiments garrisoning a Trench System have higher defense.


Shock Troops - Specialist Assault infantry.
- Can commit to "Assaults", storming enemy positions.
- Risk of high casualties during "Assault".
- Very effective against entrenched units.

Marines - Specialist Amphibious Infantry.
- Can commit to amphibious assaults.
- High Moral.
- Requires 1 oil slot (amphibious assault craft).

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29General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:46 pm

If specialest troops are going to require oil slots are constructs also? Because that would make it a little impossabul... I believe I saw erlyer that some of the constructs cost an oil slot...

So constructs cost cash, specialest troops cost oil slots?

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30General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:31 pm

Hey guys, what do you think of this map?

General Discussion - Page 2 24drpsi

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31General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:24 pm


Constructs for the most part will not cost oil. We were thinking of putting in one super construct that is expensive for aspect that people could have. The map looks interesting but would it be hard to divide that into zones? I'm also trying to figure out the IP system. The current system I have is:

Population will yield 1/1 IP (income points)
Regions will provide 15 IP as a baseline.
Followed by the resource system: Oil, Food, and Luxuries.

The last part is where I'm having the major problem. How much should these be worth as far as IP? I don't want people having massive, massive amounts of IP because I don't want to jack up the prices of constructs to be ridiculously expensive.

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32General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:55 pm

Oil, food, and luxury are produced by what? Constructs?

If they are produced by something you build then you can just make them all worth the same thing (say 2IP per each) and then you get more by having more and they provide other uses as their main pay off; e.i. oil slots ect.

As far as the map goes I think it would be more interesting if it wern;t s much of a pangia state.

Marjorie has always made hand drawn maps... I come from the land of D&D. XP

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33General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:20 am


Well, each region is going to have a certain amount of resoruces. Constructs will increase their profitability. Also, I finished the Weakness aspects (check first page), eliminated the Prestige tree since it really doesn't fit. Now all I need to finish is Social and Legal. If anyone has additional ideas for labor please submit them,

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34General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:40 am

Just my 1-2, I suggest having multiple continents with space in between them and the like. As Marjorie says, let's not get Pangea up in here.

Also, I think it'd be easier for everyone if we make two different types of the map. One would be political and the other physical. That way, we wouldn't have to erase than rebuild the physical features of the map each time we gained another proving. The physical map would just show the entire area and the political would be the important, continually altered one. More realistic to the time period as well.

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35General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:11 am

That is a good idea. :)

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36General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:16 am

Whoah...lots of things to reply to.

-I like Zur's 3-point political-economic system idea. Let's go for that!

-Govt idea (rough):

Confederation - Looser than a Federation, a Confederation is more an alliance of independent states than a unified nation-state. This makes coordination difficult, as each member of a confederation has its own policies, perhaps even its own currency, armed forces, and border laws. However, the freedom a confederation offers to its member also provides an impetus for a much broader union than other political systems.
-Confederations can begin with up to eight regions.
- Based upon the nation's level of Public Approval, there is a chance that one of a confederation's component states (at least 3, each with at least 1 region) will refuse to devote resources or military forces to a particular cause.

-I agree with Zur and Talis that resources should depend on regions, but I disagree with marking basic things like foodstuffs and timber as "resources," since any industrialized nation should have an ample supply of these things. However, though the distinction is subtle, I would support making excess farmland a resource, and allowing players to choose what crops to grow using it (extra food would boost pop growth, cash crops would increase income, etc).

-I don't think all Specialist units should necessarily cost Oil, especially since you need a Construct just to train them. On the other hand, I think industrial and railroad constructs should take an oil slot, since they imply the use of petrol.

-Specialist Unit Ideas:

Guerilla Infantry - Specialist Stealth Infantry
Can much more readily hide, advance without detection, and set ambushes than standard infantry.
Can readily operate behind enemy lines.
If operating behind enemy lines, carries six turns of supplies and can gain more through raids.
Weaker than standard infantry in open combat.
Requires Guerilla Barracks construct.

Jet Fighter Squadron - Specialist Fighter Squadron
Can travel much farther and faster than regular fighters.
Less vulnerable to AA fire than regular fighters.
More susceptible to accidents than regular fighters.
Takes up two Oil slots (due to intensive fuel consumption).
Requires Experimental Jet Engine Manufacturing construct.

-Construct Ideas:

Fortified Line - A vast and expensive network of trenches, bunkers, and fortresses provides a region with a nearly-impregnable defense from a single, adjacent region.
-Very enhanced defense along a single border of a region.

Supply Post - A dedicated system of military storehouses provides an army with a decided logistical advantage in battle, as well as a degree of ease in recruiting and replenishing regiments.
-Enhanced logistics in the region, reduced and broken regiments always return to full strength after battle in the region, reduced recruitment costs in the region.

-Aspect Ideas:

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37General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:30 am

I like everything there except for the Jet Fighters. I'd prefer to keep us closer to World War One technology instead of World War Two. This will keep any thoughts of Ballistic Missiles out of our minds.

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38General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:01 am

Well, I drew a map offering but aparently I'm not alowd to post immages/links for 7 days. Anyways...

In any case however I would like to see something with both larger and smaller land masses, and at least 3 or 4 conanents.

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39General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:21 am

Tried making a map here it is
General Discussion - Page 2 Call_t11

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40General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:32 am

Dude, awesome map. I might give it a little more forest and mountains (or desert) but whatever, it's great.

And as far as I can tell, the resource system looks like this so far:

Income will work like IP did in WE, except that you can save it up if you want. population provides a 1/1 IP (measured in millions of people) and regions provide 15 by default.

Oil allows the creation of specialist units
Food boosts growth and happiness
Luxuries boost the region's income

And all three resources will be found in regions.

Perhaps we should make little icons on the map that can symbolize resources? Like a little barrel or black teardrop for oil?

Also, maybe not every region should actually have resources.

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41General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:39 am

Social trait

Eugenics- Your empire has taken steps to remove undesirable traits from population though genetic controls placed on drunkards, the illiterate, and those of unfit mind and body. This leaves you with only the the very best that your nation has to offer. This often puts you at odds with nations that tolerate lesser individuals.

- +10% IP production
- Difficult to gain Imperial Relation

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42General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:45 pm


I'm going to add the Eugenic's trait but I'm also going to add another weakness of minus 300,000 a week in population growth to reflect the fact that genetically inferior people are being disposed of by the state.

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43General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:46 pm

I like the concept of a eugenics idea (it was in vogue during the era), but your wording is all wrong. It implies that such a program was actually successful, which even if true would take a few thousand years.

Also: Perhaps you could add snow or tundra regions to the poles of that map?

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44General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:39 pm


All right, I threw up a bunch of stuff under the Mechanic's page, added a few things. Take a look! Suggest, add, I need more aspects so pleaase help.

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45General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:43 pm

Once again, I'd -REALLY- prefer us getting a map that lacks terrain. We can have a terrain map, of course, but we need a political map. This will make changing the map considerably easier. And, also, no offense to Vaklu, but I dislike that map, most likely because of the two continents. I would really like to see more continents.


On population, it is too small. Nations like Imperial Russia had 125 Million people and we'll have to have one or two nations that sized anyways.

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46General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:19 pm


4 Regions = 120 IP (each region has a baseline of 30 IP)
80 million = 80 IP 1/1
Capitalist Trait + 10 % more IP
Luxury Node: +10


Everyone starts out with one Luxury node, just like they start out with 15 oil units no matter what. Luxury nodes generate 10 IP when there are no trade agreements and 20 IP when there are for each node. Oil and Food will not be factored into IP because its too much of a pain in the ass. Or unless someone wants to think of a better system. Food will be used to boost population and happiness. Everyone will start out with one food node, building on that will increase production, population, etc. This is just a rough idea, but tell me what you think.

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47General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:20 pm

Idea for a Political structure

Aristocracy- The empire is run by the priviliged few. The land owners and wealthy who have been running things since before the age of steam.

Air of command- The aristocracy have been leading armies for generations and are often sent to the best tutors for tactics and the proper way to lead men in the field and their confidence help to steady the soldiers around them.
+ Your Empire's troops only suffer half the effects of their current moral damage.

Extravagant luxury- The Aristocracy is accustomed to throwing lavish banquets in honor of whatever comes to mind at the moment. This often leads to a strain on the empires coffers.
- -5%IP production

ps. Talis eugenics does work. Ex. Animal husbandry, dog breed can be developed in three to four generations not Thousands of years.

pps. Zurajai Imperial Russia controlled the the top half of the largest continent on earth and good section of the one next door.
General Discussion - Page 2 Russia10 I don't think anyone will be starting with that much real estate. and also my map isn't the the official one I just put it out there as an option.

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48General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:34 pm

Yes, it's true that Russia controlled a huge amount of land. However, the region where the greater amount of population was near a quarter of the total land Russia controlled, which is European Russia. If you look at a map, there are only several major cities east of Siberia.

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49General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:13 pm

The question of whether eugenics would work or not is irrelevant in this situation. At the period of this RP eugenics programs would be relatively new and certainly not enforced to the necessary level. I was merely suggesting that eugenics should have in impact because of its social results rather than its genetic ones.

As for the map, I don't have a predilection one way or the other for Vaklu's map, but I would like to suggest that resources be permanent map features rather than something players have to start with. Any smart player will pick starting regions that have resources in them, and it makes things a lot more interesting than having them in the beginning.

Some Political System suggestions:

Fascism (already there)

Nationalism - The Empire stands by a people and for a people. Local customs and traditions become ceremonies of state and points of pride.

Communism - The ideologues of the land hold crony capitalists in scorn and encourage their people to throw aside unenlightened superstitions like the free market and religion.
- Constructs are 10% cheaper
- Economy is weak, increased chance of famine

Conservative - Conservatives distrust new ideas and concepts, dipping their proverbial toes into the pool of modernity rather than diving in headfirst. Their role at the helm ensures that new ideas will be a long time coming.

Populism - Populists scorns the upper classes and intellectuals, preferring to extol the virtues of the "average man." This is all well and good, except that they often forget that average men are also part of the unwashed masses.

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50General Discussion - Page 2 Empty Re: General Discussion on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:46 pm

I like the IP set up and the idea of everyone starting with at least a little of resorces, no where people would be is wholly devoid of resorces. Otherwise you will have to put some amount of some kind(s) of resorces in EVERY areia not just the exttra ritch areia.

Are you going to pre-makr the regons on the map so that we know what the "size" of a regon is. Does the map have a scale?

I also have some econoic types to offer you:

Planned economy is an economic system in which the state directs the economy.[1] It is an economic system in which the central government controls industry such that it makes major decisions regarding the production and distribution of goods and services.[2] Its most extensive form is referred to as a command economy,[3] centrally planned economy, or command and control economy.[4]
Mixed Economy

A mixed economy combines elements of both the planned and the market economies in one cohesive system. This means that certain features from both market and planned economic systems are taken to form this type of economy. This system prevails in many countries where neither the government nor the business entities control the economic activities of that country - both sectors play an important role in the economic decision-making of the country. In a mixed economy there is flexibility in some areas and government control in others.

I didn't see the point in putting market economy sense that's basically capitalisum.

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