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The Eranshashr State (ACCEPTED)

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Empire Name: The Eranshashr State (Eran)
**Demonym - Eranian

Flag of the Eranshashr State.The Eranshashr State (ACCEPTED) Eransh10

Empire Size:
A massive empire has spread its influence over an impressive amount of land. It has up to six regions. Massive empires control a considerable amount of space, and often have difficulty protecting the full extent of their territory.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities :
Karaman -- Karaman (Capital): Karaman, and the region it gets it's name from, is the Capital of the Eranshashr State and arguably the jewel of Atanzia, an expansive city of golden domes and great, sun bleached towers. The region is also well known for the massive port within the cities great walls, Cin'Hisar. As of late, the steel mills have produced mighty ships for the Sultan's Navy and the majority of those Warships bear the mark of the Ev'Gemelir. Karaman is also home to the Sultan's Palace, at least his most frequented one. Due to this, the City is plagued by Kalkankran Agents and many a dissidents have disappeared in the winding streets of Karaman.

Varna -- Kermia: Varna, and the Kermian Region, is rife with the sea faring culture so common among the Eranians. Fishing villages dot the coastal region, and Varna itself appears to be a massive fishery with housing for the fishermen and their families. Here, the Ev'Tutmak or the Fishermen's Guild, holds sway, and every ship sent to sea bears the banner of the Ev. The architecture of Varna is unique within Eran, almost all of it's structures having been constructed on the water. This is done through the clever use of massive granite piles placed there centuries ago during the creation of the city. Recently constructed buildings have had their pilings made from cement and steel, making strong supports for the odd city.

Akerman -- Beserbaria: Akerman, the Black City, is the prime oil producer of the State, the region of Beserbaria having evidently been founded over one of the ancient oil fields of Atanzia. The city of Akerman is, like all Eranshashr founded cities, positioned on the coast in a natural harbor where it's oil resources can easily be shipped off to other cities and regions across the empire. The reigning Guild here is the Ev'Yagr, the Miners Guild. Akerman is also home to the Besers, a tribe of camel nomads that are renowned for their service to the State, originally as Light Cavalry support and now as Rifle Armed auxiliaries.

Zinjar -- Shahrzuria: Shahrzuria is the only region within the Eranshashr State that is landlocked, having originally been owned by the Shahr Tribesmen of the mountains. The city of Zinjar, the first colony created by the Eranshashr within the Shahr borders, sits atop one of the great mountains in the region, heavily forested and known for it's lush rainforests and mist choked valleys. Even for it's supposed ownership by the State, it's people, the Shahr Tribesmen, are quite independent and see the Eranshashr State as a Republic, their government officials known for being especially vocal on political decisions made by the Ev's. However, this does not mean that the tribesmen hold a dislike for the State and it's Sultan, whom they in fact take great pride in since their annexation in the late 1700s. The region is populated by the Mist Gorillas, who's fur is prized by the Eranian people for it's deep grey luster.

Barca -- Sinai: The Sinai province has always been known for it's people's strong will. The city of Barca is testament to this life style. The cities ancient stone walls stand high in the air, created as a bulwark against the desert tribes four centuries ago by it's original occupants. As of late, the walls are outdated, crumbling, yet still a proud example of the Eranshashr History. Of course, cannon and shot could blast it's way through the wall with ease yet the symbol still holds strong. Barca is also home to the only railway in all of the State, elevated on stone meter high stone pilings as to escape the desert sands. The current reigning Guild is the Ev'Seyahat, the Traveller's Guild.

Beirut -- Hebron: Hebron, border state of Eranshashr and the blandest yet most culturally expansive region in the entire Empire. Home to the Beirutai, from which the Capital gets it's name, the native tribesmen of the area. These nomad peoples are fiercely independent, loudly voicing their opinions, even more so then their Shahr Tribesmen Counterparts. The difference is that the Beirutai have distinct disagreements with the Sultans, even having a mild rebellion near half a century back. It was quickly squashed by a combination of Eranshashr and Shahr Troops moved into the area.

Empire's Government:
Absolute Monarchy-
In an Absolute Monarchy, all the political power of a state has been vested in one individual as both head of state and government. An absolute monarch wields absolute power over the state and its subject people, in effect his word is law. Though an Absolute Monarchy may have weak or symbolic parliaments, in reality the monarch is quite capable of dissolving these at will. The monarch is the state in this society.
Militancy :
- Absolute Monarchies pay 10% less Income for military maintenance
Red Tape :
- Absolute Monarchies lose -1 Security in all regions

Name of the Empire's Leaders:
Sultan Burak Iskender et'Hakan III: Burak Iskender et'Hakan the third is the current Sultan and Emperor of the Eranshashr State. Born of Ilhan Iskender thirty four years ago, he is the youngest Sultan ever to take the throne, his father dying at the age of fourteen in a tragic storm out at sea. Burak, having held the crown for twenty years, has become quite the efficient leader, well beloved by his people, at least that's what his Kalkankran Guard tell him. However, he also has a slight rebellious streak, once even going so far as taking a royal camel outside of the Palace for a joyride. However, in times of crisis the young Sultan is a man of serene calm, thinking through thigns rationally and for the good of the State. He even went to the Military Academy at Kaya'Tepe making him the third Sultan to do so in the past two centuries.

Chief Buruji Okonkwo: Chief Buruji Okonkwo, simply known as Okonkwo to those who know him, is the Chief of the largest tribe of Shahr and self appointed representative of his people. Okonkwo is a massive man, standing a six feet five inches and as broad as a barrel. Like all of his tribe, his teeth are died red due to the consumption of Red Leaf, Nyekundu Meno to the people of Shahrzuria. He is also known for his long standing support of the Sultans, like his father before him, all the way to the original annexation of the tribal lands. A good friend of the Sultan Burak, he supported Burak's father during the short lived civil war led by the Beirutai thirty years ago. Now, he is a man of late age, near sixty now, yet still avidly supports the Sultan and his kin.

Pasha Hamid al'Farwahi: Pasha and Master of the Ev'Bankaci, the Money Lender's Guild, based in Karaman. Hamid is a rotund, short man whom has been likened to a ball, his bald, shiny head giving the impression much support. He is known as a flamboyant fop whom flaunts his money on a whim, his Pleasure Palace said to resemble a smaller, only slightly less expensive version of the Sultan's Palace. He is most feared for his extensive spy network, gaining him the nickname et'Gozu, or The Eye in the Eranshashr Tongue. Although not an avid supported of any political faction, he currently gives his support to the Sultan, having no better person to throw his weight around with. However, everyone who knows him are well aware of his tendency to sell anything that's worth a profit, even his allegiances.

Chieftain Seyah Gezzgin et'Beirutai: Seyah is the crafty chieftain of the Beirutai and the number one dissenter within the entire Eranshashr State. It was he who led the Beirutai Rebellion of the late 1880's and he whom orchestrated the turning of eyes by all the major Ev's. However, when his plan didn't come to fruition due to a combined military offensive by the Eranshashr Military and Shahr Auxillaries. As of late, he is a bitter old man and rival of the Shahr Chief Okonkwo. He is a unique commodity however, having not been executed for his treason due to well placed coins and long winded speeches. He is, however, not allowed to walk through Akerman without a sizable guard of Kalkankran, both for the protection of the State and Seyah's from angry crowds whom know him as the Grand Traitor.

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:
60 Million (60,000,000)
[1 million/week]

Empire's Political Type:
- Opera Houses provide +1 Wealth
- Base security 3

Empire's Economy Type:
State Socialism:
- Public Approval defaults to 6
- Empire cannot achieve wealth ratings below 3 or above 8
- Wealth defaults to 4
** Run by the Trade Guilds and the Government in order to keep the economy stable.

Empire's Labor Trait:
Labor Unions:
- Constructs cost 10% more
- All regions have +1 Public Approval
- Nation begins with Rail Yard construct in one region.
** Eranshashr Trade Guilds function like any Union but with far more autonomy and organization.

Empire's Legal Trait:
Secret Police:
- All regions gain +2 Security
- All regions -1 Public Approval
- If this country is invaded, the intelligence service will be able to give more accurate details than usual on enemy movement, numbers, etc.
**The Kalkankran, or King's Shields, are the royal guard of the Sultan and his own secret police.

Empire's Social Trait:
Maritine Culture -
- Empire begins with a shipyard
- Shipyards cost 25% less Income
- coastal regions gain +1 wealth
- At least half the empire's provinces must border the ocean.

Empire's Military Trait:
Prestigious Military Academy:
- Decreases Logistical Problems
- Allows Army to move one turn faster
- Decreases chance of breaking due to morale
** Kaya'Tepe, the infamous Military Academy in the mountains above Karaman.

Empire's Military Doctrine:
Naval Power -
- All warships fight as Veteran
- Empire starts with a shipyard
+ Marines are 25% cheaper

Empire's Weakness:
Multi-Ethnic Friction:
Increases chance of civil war
-Chance of insurgent groups forming are high.
** The Beirutai are the main dissenters within the State, having enacted a Rebellion but thirty years ago.

Empire Military Spending / Total Maintenance:

Total Available: 395(Base) - 10%
Military Spending -
25 Oil/35 Steel

Royal Eranshashr Army (REA)-
Infantry Divisions x20 - 60 IP|200 MP
Cavalry Brigade x3 - 9 IP|30 MP
Armored Divisions x5 - 20 IP|30 MP|5 Steel|5 Oil
Artillery Regiment x5 - 15 IP|40 MP
Flak Battery x5 - 15 IP|40 MP

Royal Eranshashr Navy(REN) -
Battleships x3 - 18 IP|6 MP|21 Steel|6 Oil
Destroyers x9 - 27 IP|9 MP|9 Steel|9 Oil

Empire's Starting Constructs (if any):
Rail System

Empire IP Generation:
60 Million = 120 IP
5 Regions = 200 IP
Capital Regions = 75 IP
Total IP = 395 IP
Security = 4
Public Approval = 6

Empire History:[/size]

Early Empire
Eranshashr, officially the Eranshashr State, is a coastal nation in northern Atanzia and a major power in the region, along with several other large nations. The region that Eranshashr encompasses has been populated for millenniums, Hunter-Gatherer societies flourishing in the region since their arrival. The Eranshashr State did not become an actual identity until 137 AD with the creation of the Eran Empire, an ancient state that had conquered the majority of the coastline of the continent. The Eran Empire fell in 425 AD with the death of it's Emperor, being replaced by several other smaller states. Later in history, around the year 690 AD, the Eranshashr Caliphate took power in the region, reclaiming most of the lost territory. The Caliphate continued it's existence till 1210 AD where a coup led by the Military Caste known as the Kalkankran altered the state's government drastically. Thus, the Eranshashr Sultanate was born. The Sultanate held sway over the land for several centuries till it went through another alteration. The Sultan, displeased with the organization of the nation into tribal regions, declared the Eranshashr Sultanate no more, replaced by the Eranshashr State. This gave the Sultan far more power than originally afforded.

Modern Empire
Since the State's creation in 1671 AD, the Eranshashr Sultans have led the nation fairly and without question. As the State became more expansive several territorial neighbors began feeling the pressure. The first nation to be annexed were the Shahr Tribes whom ceded their land to the Sultan willingly, albeit with several requirements of autonomy worked into the deal. The second were Beser Tribesmen of Beserbaria, whom were slowly integrated into the State by the cunning of the Trade Guilds. The last Tribal Land to be fully integrated into the State were the Beirutai, whom were conquered by the Sultan's Armies in 1801 AD.

Civil War!
In the year 1881 the Seyya Gezzgin et'Beirutai, the young and cunning Chieftain of the Beirutai Tribesmen, declared that the clause that annexed the Beirutai was null and void due to the Sultan's failure to act on growing issues between the tribesmen. This set off a chain reaction within the Eranshashr Government as Guilds and Military Leaders took sides. The majority of the Tribal Leaders supported the Beirutai, including several Beser Camel Lords. In an unexpected decision, the Shahr Tribesmen rallied behind the Sultan, ruining Seyya's plan for an easy victory against the Sultan. With the Shahr backing him and the majority of the Military on his side, Sultan Ilhan marched on the Beser stronghold of Akerman. Upon their arrival, the Beser Camel Lords proclaimed their allegiance to the Sultan and the State and assembled a large force of Cavalry Auxiliary, along with verbally discounting the actions of their fellows whom sided with the Beirutai. Now with the support of Beser Auxillaries, Ilhan turned his force towards Beirut, the Capital of the Hebron Region. After several failed attempts to bring the Rebels to a fight, the Sultan split his force, allowing the Shahr Chieft to take command of a Auxillary Force to drive the Rebels into a fight. Finally the Rebels were forced to engage, several miles outside the city of Beirut. In an outstanding battle, the combined forces of the Sultan and Chief Buruji Okonkwo smashed the Rebels, captured Chieftain Seyah, and took the city of Beirut.

Empire Location:--
The Eranshashr State (ACCEPTED) Mapcon10

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