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Rules and Regs

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Rules of Conduct

This is a roleplaying forum. Have fun, connive to your heart's content, and direct your spaceships across the stars, but do not take it personally when others do the same and decide to invade your empire. Personal vendettas and feelings have no place in roleplaying. Be courteous to others, accept the good and the bad, and enjoy yourself.

Call to Arms is a team effort with several moderators and administrators. Treat them all with the same respect that you would give me as the founder and administrator. I couldn't do this forum without them. If a moderator makes a decision you disagree with, accept it, and raise the issue at a later time or in a private message. If you throw a tantrum there will be consequences.

Respect forummotion's rules of conduct. They are the forum host, and are just as worthy of your respect as I am.

Empire Roleplaying forums are often long-term commitments. Unlike characters, empires cannot drop off the map inconspicuously without changing the entire socioeconomic condition of the forum. Please keep this in mind, and do not join if you only intend to play for a short time.

Advertising is allowed in restricted circumstances. If you wish to advertise something, please contact me through a PM and explain what you wish to advertise, and why it would be appropriate here. If I find the request reasonable, I'll give you permission.

Roleplaying Rules

This is a serious roleplaying forum. One-liners are highly discouraged, and posts should be at least a paragraph long. Major posts, such as ones in the Life and Administration forum, should be multiple paragraphs in length. All posts should have correct and grammatical spelling. Intermittent mistakes will be overlooked, but consistent or frequent errors will not.

Out of Topic posts should be limited to the appropriate threads. If an out of topic note is necessary in a roleplaying thread for purposes such as clarification or correction it should be kept brief and to the point.

At least one post in the Life and Administration forum every ten days is required for active players. If there are extenuating circumstances that preclude such consistency but you wish to continue on the forum, speak with me or another Moderator and we will consider your case.

Please post in a third-person perspective when roleplaying in CTA . This is for consistency purposes, and helps keep posts understandable.

Members are currently restricted to one empire per player.

Call to Arms is a mature roleplaying forum. Cursing, death, warfare and grievous harm to trees and puppies may occur. If you object to this, please move on. Likewise, Such material should be kept to appropriate context. Abuse of mature elements when unnecessary will be penalized.

Part of the fun of Nations Roleplaying is crafting nations and contributing to the overall world. Therefore, do your best to respect the setting and atmosphere of CTA as you add your own contributions to it.

respect roleplaying etiquette while on CTA. In particular, you may not control other player's characters or nations in any way, shape, or form. Only an empire's own creator and controller may determine what their units or characters can and will do. The only except to this are Moderator Marks, which are a mechanic for the balance and the maintenance of the forum and are subject to certain rules and restrictions of their own.

Respect the boundaries between roleplaying and real life. Metagaming is prohibited. An empire's leaders do not automatically know about the other empires, their capabilities, or events outside their sphere of influence.


Attendance is required of members. It causes significant disruptions to game-play when players leave and their empires go dormant. All members are expected to post regularly at least once a week. Players who are absent for a month or more must inform others of their absence and the expected time before returning, or their empire will be disbanded after four weeks.

Moderator Marks

Moderator Marks are written by moderators or administrators in the Life and Administration forum and the Wars and Battles forum. They are written as empirical explanations of events. Things like popular opinion and battle morale are explained in Mod Marks, as are the movements of NPC characters and dissidents. The goal of modmarks is to place the players in the position of rulers rather than orchestrator's. Modmarks provide reactions and consequences to player decisions on the forum.


Lot's of credit goes to Theo. Talis, Aspen, and numerous others for what they've contributed.

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