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Empire of Milites

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1Empire of Milites Empty Empire of Milites on Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:43 pm

Empire Name: Empire of Milites

Empire Size:
Massive - A massive empire has spread its influence over an impressive amount of land. It has up to six regions. Massive empires control a considerable amount of space, and often have difficulty protecting the full extent of their territory.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):

The capitol of the Empire is one of the two regions that is part of the Russiawat Mountains known as the Phantom Region (Region 105 on the map). Caput, Phantom is the virtual beating heart of the Empire of Milites. The Phantom region is home to some 18 million people, a good 7 Million living in towns near the southern base of the mountain mining the valuable resources out of her. The other 11 million people live in the city that resides near in the desert portion of the region. The city is claimed to be an oasis some miles into the desert, enough so all you see are the mountains and the desert though the citizens know that to reach the mountain it is but a few hours’ drive away.

The sister region of the Phantom located in the Russiawat Mountains is the Opera Region (Region 106 on the map). A larger region then the Phantom Region the Opera Region is part mountain, part desert, and partially forests/plains. The regions diversity makes for an excellent representation of the Empire. Roughly 7 Million people live in this region. A large majority, roughly 4 Million, live at the base of the mountains. The other 3 million are separated to living in the small city atop the mountain and in the desert. 1 million people more or less live in the desert while the remaining 2 million citizens of the region live in the city of Cannae. The people of the Opera Region are warriors and have been for centuries. The three different areas within the region were home to four uniquely different groups of people constantly fighting. Now they are renowned for their combat and all infantry trainees’ are sent to the region for Basic where they learn how to fight and win.

The Calor Desert (Region 104 on the Map) is a dangerous area. Not many people live in the region due to its high temperatures and hard living conditions. One of the larger regions of the Empire of Milites it’s the least populated having only an estimated 3 million people living in the region. Although not very welcoming the region boasts is the Empires main supplier of oil. Of the three million people almost all of them live near the bordering sea. There is no city but a series of large towns in the Calor Desert.

The smallest region in the Empire is the Corridor Region (Region 108 on the Map). The region is known to produce a large majority of the food within the Empire due to its location. The mountains surrounding the Corridor region provide the area protection from the heaviest of weather while the soil in the area is rich in minerals from the run off streams that come from the mountain heights collecting minerals and depositing them when they reach the bottom. The major city in the region is called Academica. The total population in the region consists of some 14 million people. A large amount of people for such a small area of land.

The remaining two regions are similar to that of the Corridor Region. The mountains and rivers that reside in the regions provide excellent land for raising animals and/or farming. These two regions along with the Corridor Region help provide the mass agriculture that the Empire is known for. The Solus Region (Region 116 on the map) is named after the Sol Peak, the highest mountain in the Empire. Near where the two rivers of the region meet into one (Below the two 1’s in the number 116) the city of Tarquinii rests. The Solus region is home to some 9 million farmers and citizens of the Empire.

The last region of the Empire is Anguis Region (Region 108 on the map). The region boasts of a river that comes from the Corridor region and winds its way south. A small mountain range dominates the northeastern part of the region where runoff from the mountain improves the surrounding soil. The regions capitol is Lacedaemon located at the northern most S curve of the river. The region, like the Solus region, is home to some 9 million farmers and citizens of the Empire of Milites.

Empire's Government: Dictatorship - Unlike monarchs, dictators don't have legitimacy to back them up; they have to fight tooth and nail to seize power and hold it. This gives them an iron grip on policy, and a uniquely grim worldview. Dictators can always say that they have earned their place in the world.

Martial Rule : Dictators rule by strength of arms. Because of this, they are always diligent about maintaining a large, strong army to fight for them, and are not afraid of using it.
- Dictatorships pay 20% less IP for military maintenance

Disaffected Populace : Few people appreciate living under the iron fist of a tyrant. Dictators have neither legitimacy nor public support to placate their subjects, and have to reply on suppression.
- Dictatorships default to the next lowest level of Public Approval and have a harder time gaining Public Approval.

Name of the Empire's Leaders:

Praesiden (President/Ruler/Emperor) Aiden: The current ruler of the Empire of Milites Praesiden Aiden overthrew the former government with the aid of Kai and Phellan. Since overthrowing the government the Empire of Milites has become a dictatorship commanded by Aiden and militarily enforced by his subordinates’ Kai and Phellan. Aiden, a brilliant military minded man in his own right, stands at an average height of 5 foot 7 for the people of the Empire whom are all of Asian descent. Weighing 140 lbs the Praesiden is in fit shape. Like most of the people of Milites he has black hair and eyes. Although a dictator Aiden cares for his people and has ensured programs progressed to increase the economy and the agriculture output of the Empire. His effort to fix the bureaucratic red tape of the former government is finally beginning to show. Although these efforts focused on the Empire’s internal structure have caused international relations to gradually degrade.

Bellator (General of the Army) Kai: Bellator Kai is the chief advisor to Aiden regarding land engagements. Although since the rise of Praesiden Bellator Kai hasn’t been needed to give such advise in some years he aids the Praesiden with internal affairs. Standing at 6 foot Kai is a virtual giant among the Milites. Weighing 215 lbs of muscle he is seen as the perfect soldier. He has an uncommon redish brown hair color with the common black eyes.

Volo (General of the Air Force) Phellan: Volo Phellan is in charge of the surviving aircraft of the rebellion that overthrew the government. Since the rebellion the production of the aircraft has stagnated focusing on rebuilding the army and the infrastructure of the Empire. As such the Air Force of the Milites is relatively small in comparison to its ground forces. Phellan is short, even for an Asian, and stands at 5 foot 4 in. He has black hair and brown eyes. His short stature doesn’t take away from the huge amount of respect his pilots give him.

Empire's Population Size and Population Growth:
60 Million – Increase of 1,300,000 per week (300,000 extra due to Mass Agriculture Trait)

Empire's Political Ideology: Nationalism - The Empire stands by a people and for a people. Local customs and traditions become ceremonies of state and points of pride.

Public approval Starts one level higher
Trade agreements are less effective

Empire's Economy Type: State Socialism - State Socialism is an economic system where property is held in common by the government and goods are distributed to the masses. Socialism has problems with motivating people to produce surplus goods, so it struggles to achieve economic extravagance, but provides safeguards against economic collapse.

- Public Approval defaults to Popular
- Empire cannot achieve Collapsed or Booming Economy ratings
- Economy defaults to Stable

Empire's Labor Trait: Mass Agriculture - This nation is completely self sufficient in terms of agricultural production, and often serves as a major exporter of food and other products to its neighbors in the region. During times of war, this comes in handy as this nation’s populace and soldiers will rarely go hungry on home turf and can hardly be starved out by attempts at blockade.

+Nation will never suffer food shortages during war time (unless a natural disaster occurs)
+Increases population by 300,000 per update

Empire's Legal Trait: Ruthless - Whether by fair means or foul, this government is determined to keep order on the streets. If that means rounding up all the drug dealers on the streets and summarily executing them by firing squad, then so be it. Despite the cold blooded brutality, the heavy handed tactics of the government have curbed official corruption and crime is low.

-Riots due to the consequences are rare, though not unheard of.
-Improves economy rating.
-Lowers Imperial Reputation

Empire's Social Trait: Martial Heritage - The empire has a long and distinguished tradition of war and battle. Parents tell stories of glorious wars and conquest to their children, who eagerly await the day they can enlist. Politicians and corporate leaders, aware of the glory and profit of past wars, look for new places to fight. With such an obsession about war and glory, the people are ill-content with the idyllic times of peace.
- Empire pays 20% less military maintenance

Empire's Military Trait: Not one step back! - Fanaticism in this army is an understatement. Its soldiers have been beaten, bullied, and brainwashed into believing that death is better than surrender. And of course there is the ever present threat of a bullet in the back for the doubters. This army will almost never retreat, and will fight to the death even against the most extreme odds. Often against these odds, this nation's soldier will probably be found gleefully charging towards an enemy platoon with a grenade in hand even if it means his own death.

-Units will never retreat when fighting on home ground.
-Units will RARELY break due to psychological trauma or morale damage

(The Empire of Milities military is Fanatical in their belief that dying in combat is better than retreating against their enemy. They believe that should they retreat they would lose their honor and at the very least the commanders of the unit would commit seppuku to atone for their great shame. It’s not that their training forces them to remain in their field but how they were raised, part of their culture. They would rather die fighting then live on bearing shame and dishonor.)

Empire's Weakness: Decadent Elites - This nation's halls of power have become mired in corruption, decadence, and sin. Corruption has become rampant and the mood of the people ever more angry towards those in the society that partake in such behavior.

-10% of IP is lost per turn due to corruption
+Lowers public approval rating

Empire Military Spending / Total Maintenance:

Air Force:
3 Fighter Squadrons – 9 IP; 3 Oil Spots
2 Bomber Squadrons – 8 IP; 2 Oil Spots

Land Force:
20 Infantry Divisions – 40 IP
5 Cavalry Brigades – 10 IP
4 Mechanized Infantry – 12 IP; 4 Oil Spots
4 Artillery Regiment – 16 IP
4 Amor Regiments – 16 IP; 4 Oil Spots

Total Maintenance Cost/Oil Spots Used – 66.6 IP rounded up to 67 IP Total(20% for Dictatorship and 20% for Martial Heritage); 13 Oil Spots

Empire's Starting Constructs (if any): None at the moment

Empire IP Generation:

Military Pros/Cons:
- Dictatorships pay 20% less IP for military maintenance
- Empire pays 20% less military maintenance
- Units will never retreat when fighting on home ground.
- Units will RARELY break due to psychological trauma or morale damage

Economy Pros/Cons’:
- Empire cannot achieve Collapsed or Booming Economy ratings
- Economy defaults to Stable
- Improves economy rating.

Public Approval Pros/Cons:
- Public Approval defaults to Popular
- Dictatorships default to the next lowest level of Public Approval and have a harder time gaining Public Approval.
+ Lowers public approval rating
Public approval Starts one level higher

Other Pros/Cons:
- Lowers Imperial Reputation
+ Nation will never suffer food shortages during war time (unless a natural disaster occurs)
+ Increases population by 300,000 per update
- Riots due to the consequences are rare, though not unheard of.
- 10% of IP is lost per turn due to corruption
Trade agreements are less effective

Total IP Generation – 180 (Regions owned) + 60 (Population of Empire) + 20 (For Unused Oil Spot) + 20 (For Luxury Node) = 280 IP
Total IP Maintenance – 66 IP
Remaining IP – 280 + 14 (5% for Prosperous Economy Rating) = 294 – 29.4 (rounded to 30) (10% for Decadent Elites) - 67 (Military Maintenance) = 197 IP

Empire History:

The Empire of Milites has a troubled history dating back to its formation. The current lands of the Empire were once a nation of warring lords, whom although belonged to the same empire fought not only against their enemies but among each other in order to gain more power. Such internal and external warring led to the near destruction of the people. Only when under a long forgotten Emperor did they unite and drive back their enemies. Since then the Empire of Milities once more conquered lands long lost to them. Upon achieving their original borders the Emperor called a halt to their expansion not wishing to anger the benevolent gods that bestowed these victories to them by becoming greedy.

Since attaining their original borders the Milities have been content with their lot in life. Only recently the corrupt bureaucrats were using a puppet Emperor to drive the nation into a recession. Greedy and with no love for their Empire these villains angered three men, Aiden, the overall general of the Milities military forces, Kai, the General of the Army, and Phellan the General of the Air Force. Seeing their people suffer and being driven into poverty they dared to overthrow the corrupt bureaucrats that were driving their country to its death.

The bloody months of battle that followed their rebellion led to their eventual rise to power with Aiden as the Praesiden of the Empire of Milites. The former Emperor and bureaucratic advisors fled the nation in disgrace, not even honorable enough to face the consequences of their actions. Currently their whereabouts are unknown but Aiden and his loyal staff haven’t given up on delivering the righteous retribution those evil men and women deserve.

The Goverment of the Empire of Milites is something unusual, a Nationlism Dictatorship. Although the current leaders rose to power through a military Coup of the former regime they support their citizens long held tradditions bringing the older customs back into practice instead of stomping them into the ground, another atrocity the former regime was trying to change in the Empire to make it more modern. The current goverment aims to blend the old customs with the new technology and advances. As such the populactions approval of them is somewhat divided and any progress made is slowly accepted.

Empire Location: Location: 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, and 116

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